As we are celebrating Passover and approach Easter, I find myself remembering our trip to Israel in the Summer of 2014. It was one of those once in a lifetime trips. It profoundly shifted my perspective and reminds me how very small we are in history, but how very special our relationship with God can … Continue reading Picturing the Holy Land on Holy Days

Picturing the Holy Land on Holy Days

Passover into Easter: Food and Family

I will celebrate Passover with my husband and in-laws Monday and Tuesday night. I love the tradition even though I am Christian and find so much to center me on Faith. The evening is long but fulfilling. I think the bridge of Passover into Easter is represented in our blended inter-faith family not only as … Continue reading Passover into Easter: Food and Family

Getting Away

Maybe it was all the animal carcasses on the walls, or the remoteness of the resort, or just our imaginations, but the ever so cozy get-away- seemed to spark a very unsettling feeling that neither I or my husband could shake. We booked two nights at a very popular and touted resort area in Missouri. … Continue reading Getting Away

Some Good Eats and Treats From New York to Bentonville

After a few months of indulgence, I am now left with only memories of good food. March brings a re- dedication to healthy food and exercise. But, I can look back just a few months, and remember. So in December we were in New York. I don’t even know where to begin, wait, yes I … Continue reading Some Good Eats and Treats From New York to Bentonville

The Duality of Cussing

I grew up in a bilingual household. No big deal. But, it’s not what you think-- like Spanish, French, German, Hindi, or Hebrew. No. I cuss in filter and unfiltered language. For example, the other day while driving: “Good gravy! What the heck? Stupid fucking douche bag.” Why wouldn’t someone just commit to the unfiltered … Continue reading The Duality of Cussing

Love’s not Time’s fool

I look out my window, and it is gray and raining on this day of love. The Valentine’s Day frenzy is quiet where I work, and I am very glad.  The pressure to celebrate is suffocating and annoying and the idea of love is greater than a card or bouquet and extends far beyond this … Continue reading Love’s not Time’s fool

The Heart of the Handwritten Note

I admit that I am old fashioned when it comes to cards, letters, and even books.  Ecards, emails, eBooks are all vastly more convenient and immediate, and the message gets through faster. Yet, there is something about the scrawled handwriting and card in hand that I find a connection. Hospice sent me a note the … Continue reading The Heart of the Handwritten Note