I am a dreamer, teacher, writer and photographer, organizer, child of God, wife, sister, daughter, belly-laugher,  food and dog lover, and still finding my way-er. I do all this in  Northwest Arkansas with my husband, step-son and dog and cat. I work with the Autism Support Program at University of Arkansas where I get to work with the most awesome set of folks.

*ism is my creative outlet for my  MFA which hasn’t served too many other purposes. This is an adventure to discover each person’s take on their own *ism and a place to vent on a mine.

This experience is not a set of regulations. I think that each experience has the potential for an *ism–yes even the bad experiences because that’s life.

I hope you enjoy.


Tales from the South: One of the few applications of MFA:



4 thoughts on “About

  1. You are very kind to write such a lovely post about my work. Cottage Grove House is such a personal expression of me and my food philosophy. It is also a journal where I am able to be creative as well as chronicle my favorite recipes. I am so pleased to read your thoughts and opinions about my ideas regarding food and how we share time together. Thank you. I spent of few years of my youth in Arkansas. Jonesboro. 😉 Many moons have passed since then. I have an aunt who lives in Heber Springs. Lastly, I look forward to what lies ahead in Foodie*ism. Thank you again for featuring my blog. Seana

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