Why I Started Blogging

My dad died. This is the simple answer. He died, and I found myself swirling in such grief. I couldn’t begin to process all of it.  I turned to my usual method of processing. The paper and pen in my handy bound journal—old school. I managed to write a couple of “Dear Dad, I am so sorry I didn’t call you one day sooner like I usually do.” I wrote these letters in the first couple of days after he died, and then I found the page empty. I just couldn’t find the words anymore.

My brain was in a fog, and I found myself looking at empty pages and screens. Surely I had something to get out besides tears. Nothing came, and I knew I had to keep writing even if it was about something not related to my dad or death.

I decided to write about other food blogs. My goal was simple. Write one thing and publish it once a week. It wasn’t about followers or brands. It was about not drowning in grief. I knew I wasn’t equipped to write formally and weekly about food or cooking, but I could read other blogs and assess how and what they wrote. I could discover good things happening in other folks’ worlds. It was safe and interesting, and it kept me writing.  I also discovered blogs that I wanted to follow and read. I loved the worlds they created and the recipes they shared.

Blogging was/is a healing salve. It took 3 months then I began to introduce small portions of my dad and cooking. The first was Cast Iron Skillet Love.   So from there, I wrote about pieces of my dad and processing grief. Sometimes, I cried while writing.

Why I continue to blog: because I still want to share memories and happy moments about my dad.  Blogging has helped me process and handle taking care of my grandmother and her passing. Blogging has allowed me to experience other writers and their journeys which have been encouraging, funny, insightful, and I still love discovering food blogs and recipes.

I hope that I am a better writer and blogger, but the goal was to let the words keep me afloat and they did, not just mine, but other bloggers as well.  So, a small thank you in the swirl of all of the blogs and bloggers.  Thank you for your words.

If you want to share Why you started blogging, I would love to read about it.

For Dad:


What are your thoughts?

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