Ready, Set, Fall

I hate summer. Despite being able to grow tomatoes, have cookouts, and watch fireflies, I just can’t handle summer. Yes, the access to so many great fresh fruit and veggies, farmers markets,  and watching little bugs butts light up across the yard like moving Christmas lights is wonderful, yet the heat, humidity, and general stickiness just defeats me.

I’ve tried, and I used to be one of those steeped in summer. Working in recreation with a kids camp and playing tennis all kind of means you are a summertime person. But it was/is all a lie.

Why some of us thrive in some seasons but not others, I don’t know. Summer weighs me down. Maybe it was all the summers of playing tennis when I was young and my inability to deal with heat. I have passed out on many a court. My body forgets to sweat. But….

Fall invigorates me. The smells, cooler weather, and even the gray days are all like a tonic.  Soups, holidays, foliage changing colors, fireplaces, cozy sweaters, just gives my soul rest.  Arkansas can be one of the prettiest places to do fall hiking and long drives.

It is July 26, and I am counting down to cooler weather. Yes, my feet will be cold most of the time, but I don’t care. Heavy socks and hot chocolate warm my feet and my soul.



What are your thoughts?

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