Trying to Unhear

Finally, the rain stopped and the sun came out. I can now take a walk during lunch and enjoy being outside. I work on a college campus, so a walk down streets or across campus is simple enough: Not a lot of traffic to navigate, trees, lawns, sidewalks and most students are also walking or hammocking.

Along with the birds chirping and hum of passing cars, I heard two very different sets of music. The first came from an older large white house. It was one of the frat houses. A window was open and Bob Marley came lilting out and filling the space in front of the house. Of course, it took me back to my college days and being introduced to Bob Marley music. It was a happy go lucky memory. I walked on past with pleasant memories.

The end of my walk was not so pleasant. I am approaching my building when I hear the second and very different music, well lyrics to be exact. I always hear bass from cars and music of all kinds streaming on campus and sometimes I hear lyrics, or I don’t. Sometimes I know the song, and many times, I do not. This time I heard: “I got my baby momma and my bitch too.”

So this is not in my listening circle. If you have ever read any of my other blogs, I have old taste mostly: Dave Brubeck, Louis Armstrong, and some alt music and folk.

I know there was 2 live Crew in the 80s and music with equally explicit lyrics. I guess it just hit me with all the attention to rape culture and women’s place in society that in 2017, there would be more change. It seems there has been some going backwards. I must remind myself that within the Murphy Browns that there were Calvin Klein ads with a young Brooke Shields. We also had blue eye shadow and blue mascara in the 80’s (I see it is coming back. Like. No.)

So, I had to go inside and cleanse the ear pallet with Madeleine Peyroux Radio and Yael Naim.  Better. For now.






What are your thoughts?

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