Passover into Easter: Food and Family

I will celebrate Passover with my husband and in-laws Monday and Tuesday night. I love the tradition even though I am Christian and find so much to center me on Faith. The evening is long but fulfilling.

I think the bridge of Passover into Easter is represented in our blended inter-faith family not only as we share holiday traditions, but our time in Israel witnessing  each other’s history of faith and watching how we were connected then and can live that connection now.

It is my first Easter without my grandmother. I have celebrated Easter with my grandmother the last 4 years. We would go to services at her senior apartment building and then go to eat Easter lunch downstairs. The lunch was nothing great because the same folks who did the other mediocre meals did this one. They did put dyed hard-boiled eggs out, usually served turkey or roast beef with veggies and a dessert. BUT it was the time I was able to spend with her, not the meal.

Now that she is gone, I am not sure how to celebrate.  Again, I find myself figuring out new traditions. I didn’t even try this Christmas. We went to New York.  I have been the one to create family gatherings over the last few years for my side. Partly to bring everyone together for my dad and grandmother. Now, they are both gone.  Our family never had any real Easter traditions growing up. We didn’t do the big Easter basket or dyed eggs, and we weren’t that churchy of a family. As all of us grew older, we found our own traditions that are different and quite separate. Even when Dad was alive, the Easter event was taking my grandmother out to eat. When I had a church home, I would go to services but afterwards, if I didn’t meet my dad. I usually did nothing.

I have thought about visiting a church for services, but I know what churches are like on the main holidays. Packed full because of visiting family and all those like myself who want to DO something in honoring the holiday but don’t have a church home. We are transients, and the home church folks know this and will reach out, but they understand you are passing through, maybe come back but probably not.

I know the specialness of Easter lies in something greater. Having been to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I carry with me the meanings and sites: Stone of the Unction, Calvary, and the Tomb of Christ.  Christ is my anchor of faith, but I do miss my earthly anchors. I am still getting my footing without them in most ways, but even more so with holidays.




What are your thoughts?

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