Some Good Eats and Treats From New York to Bentonville

After a few months of indulgence, I am now left with only memories of good food. March brings a re- dedication to healthy food and exercise. But, I can look back just a few months, and remember. So in December we were in New York. I don’t even know where to begin, wait, yes I do. Serafina.

Dear Lord, what a wonderful accidental find. Our first day, Christmas, we were walking and walking on Broadway and my husband’s sugar was dropping, fast. He can’t decide much when he reaches this stage. SO, I see the yellow awning, and we go for it.

It has been rare times that I take a bite of food and just stop with the sheer joy and taste that overwhelms me. We were in time for the brunch. I ordered Pizza di Fabio. Prosciutto di Parma, one egg, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and the crust. So freaking good.

The Brooklyn Diner and The Redeye Grill   were highlights as well. Rugelach assortment for dessert or snow crab main course, yes please. Of course, we also did the slice of New York pizza, which was so much better than I imagined it would be.

Now, January as it is with most was recovery from holiday food, bills, and getting back to school. The only out eating was The Village Inn breakfast. Nothing exciting.

February brought Valentine’s Day and birthday food. The Flying Fish: My husband and I hadn’t been since we took my dad like 5 years ago and the first time we had been back since he died.  The stand in line and order and then find a table amid the crowded room was worth it. The food again was delicious.  Fish tacos can be messed up, and they often are, but not here, no not at all. Perfect slaw. OH, I can’t forget the fried pickles. Unhealthy indulgence but another great thing that can be messed up. R & R Curry Express-  A hole-in the wall  but favorite place for Palak Chole and Naan.

James at the Mill: This is the place we go only on very special occasions because it is pricey, but so good. I had the tomato pasta with grilled shrimp. Wine. Wine.

So with all this indulgence comes the stay at home, diet, exercise and try and eat out responsibly month. But, the memories are so sweet.



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