Making lives matter until the end

We each have an elderly loved one that we cherish and would do anything to make sure that they are comfortable. Their lives matter to us.  I had the displeasure of seeing and experiencing that the elderly are victimized by those who don’t value their lives. Not a new problem.

nh_oldpicWhat I would say to anyone, who can’t be in the same state or needs to rely on a company for care, do research. Have an advocate who checks on the care quality often. We found out too late that the “Senior Care and living” facility wasn’t licensed. So no accountability to the state or regulations because they were classified as apartments. Apple Blossom managed by Holiday Retirement at 2501 22nd street, Rogers, Ar 72712.  The managers knew the parameters and let the in-house care staff of Ever Faithful, neglect and abuse residents because the job was to run the apartments and all else was personal for the family to handle. So what if residents miss meals, miss meds, and wander around lost because this isn’t their classification.

My grandmother moved to Apple Blossom (and Ever Faithful) at 2501 22nd street, Rogers, Ar 72712 after my dad died because she needed place with meals and watchful eyes. She loved this place when she moved in. She had lived on her own for 95 years, and this gave her a sense of independence with much less to manage. It was apartment like and very nice looking but looks are deceiving.

Thankfully, my grandmother had us who checked in every week and multiple times a week. Bad nurse, reported. You don’t get to say you left her filth because you couldn’t handle her. She’s 99 and barely 80 pounds. Unacceptable. This is your job. You are paid to deal with these things.

So, you left her elder-abuse-statistic-silent-epidemic1-gifbed for almost 2 days without calling us? You are fired. Reminder that is a human who raised kids, survived the Depression and cancer, and changed a world and deserves the same dignity that you would want.

When we had to call in Hospice care for my grandmother, we were truly blessed with the nurse that was sent. She was yet another advocate who directed us to a reliable agency for full time care. The hospice nurse said she had and has several patients at Apple Blossom and almost all had to have outside nursing care because the “care” that was from Ever Faithful, was neglect and the Apple Blossom management knew but did nothing.

I called the state to file a complaint after my grandmother passed away. Her care from outside nurses was excellent despite Apple Blossom’s lack of cooperation with outside caregivers.  The state agency on long term care informed me, there was nothing they could do. No investigation because Apple Blossom wasn’t licensed that way.

stop-elder-abuseNothing can be done for any of the residents left without advocacy. I had already written a summary of events to turn in, but since no agency will or seemingly can do anything. I will post here in hopes that others will avoid Apple Blossom and be strong advocates for their loved ones. Don’t trust that everything is being done unless you see it with your own eyes.

This is for my lovely grandmother and all those at Apple Blossom who were her friends and deserve respect and dignity in their care. The silver lining was that my grandmother was in the care of Good Shepherd from June-August 5 when she passed away. The end of life nurses were exceptional and treated her like the angel she was and is.

May: My grandmother was put into Hospice care for Renal Failure at 99 years of age. My uncle hired Ever Faithful to make sure apartment was kept clean and to make sure pain medication was administered nightly and to report any changes to one of us and to ensure she wasn’t recycling pads.  I live in the same area as the care facility, so I was able to check in on a regular basis to make sure meds were given-they were not. Two to three days of nightly pain meds were missed. Despite meetings with myself, the hospice nurse and my uncle, consistency with care was never met and changes were never reported or logged in any way. When we complained to the management at Apple Blossom, they suggested more meetings and that Catherine would come around.When I checked in on weekends, I discovered strong urine odor from pads drying, and medication usually not administered 2-3 times a week.I reported this to Even Faithful manager Gomez who would said, it wasn’t that way when we went in, or I have a note that says her meds were given so I don’t know what happened.This continued with repeated meetings and complaints to Apple Blossom management.

June: Met with Hospice nurse with her grave concerns that the current care given was not adequate or consistent enough to be of help to my grandmother’s declining health. There were several times my husband and I visited in the afternoon that her air was turned off or she had accidentally turned on the heat.  Her apartment was well into 90’s with visits. When I reported to Catherine Gomez, it was excused because that wasn’t a directive of care. They needed to be told to turn air on or manage that.

My Uncle had a meeting with Ever Faithful and Apple Blossom management to emphasize consistency in giving meds, making sure my grandmother goes to meals and eats, doesn’t recycle pads and cleaning. We were assured of care.

June 23: My husband and I checked on my grandmother and she had eaten that day but meds had been missed that week. We cleaned her apartment and tossed drying pads.

June 25:  my aunt and her daughter came for a visit. In the time, my grandmother’s conditioned had worsened considerably. We immediately came to Apple Blossom at 2:00 PM. and found her bed ridden since Thursday night. Had not been down to dinner, the apartment heater was on, and she was in a wet bed. We had to have management of Apple Blossom open the door. We expressed our concerns over her and the management shrugged and said you know how she can be. The Ever Faithful folks had checked in but did nothing about meds, getting her food, turning on the air and turning off the heat, not did they contact any family members of the drastic change in health.

June 28: hired full time nursing care from outside source for 24/7 care. The June 27 the last night of “care” with Ever Faithful, pain meds were again not given.

My uncle and I met with Apple Blossom management staff and asked that they cooperate with the new nursing care. We explained why and expressed our concern that they were supporting such neglectful organization Ever Faithful. They did not see Ever Faithful as neglectful and it must have been our communication that was the issue. They were not cooperative with the nurses.

July-August 5: Full time care and assistance given with respect and dignity. We were able to come in and visit and spend pure time with my grandmother. What a gift.











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