The Stress of Adult Coloring Books

*Sigh* I can’t. I just can’t. I’ve tried, but these adult coloring books stress me out.  It is everywhere–Even the checkout at little neighborhood market has a mini adult coloring books with color pencils included.   Relax. Breath. Color.

If I have to color this, the day is not going to be awesome.

I thought I would like this color craze because it is somewhat artistic in color choices and patterns, but the large empty space stresses me out. I have found that my type of OCD does not mesh well with this genre of relaxation. I find the blank page daunting. I can pick any color…Dear Lord! ANY color?!  Which color? So I start, then I don’t like how dark or light I have colored something in. Then I decide that I am not happy with the color.  So I tell myself, “Breath. Let it go. This is for relaxation” So the green leaf isn’t the green you wanted. So you wanted them to all be uniform and now they aren’t. Really, don’t focus on the all those damn shades of green. Oh, and I colored out of the lines too.

Now all my leaves are miss colored, but at least colored in. Now I have like 20 freakin flowers to decide what color. How uniform? Does it matter? And all that white space. I was told that too much white space is bad, bad, bad. Should I do that first or wait until I’ve colored in all the 2 million tiny places that need color?

So to de-stress from this distress, I play Farm Heroes, knit, or I clean and organize a cabinet or closet. This coloring will do me in.


What are your thoughts?

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