Change is good? Foodie*ism to just *ism

changeChange is good?  I have been writing Foodie*ism for almost two years and recently decided to change over to just *ism ( I still love writing about food and discovering all the wonderful food sites and keeping up with some of my favorites.

Blogging has been making me write every week something to put out into the world. It helped me write through grief, and it still is helping me, but I felt it was time to open up the writing topic range. I wasn’t writing to brand or become the next food writer. I have discovered there are so so many who will fill that role much better than I. There are those who will and do fill the role of expanded topic writer better than I as well.

*Ism will still be about discovery but not just on food. I hope some will continue the journey with me.


What are your thoughts?

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