Summer Swan Song

My thoughts just can’t rest on food. I’ve tried to focus on my favorites: chocolate, macaroni and cheese, chicken and dumplings, ice cream…but nothing. Grief, heavy Arkansas humidity, and no sleep all signal that I am ready for fall.

So with all this longing for fall, I have attached myself to Louis Armstrong’s “My Summer Song” with Dave Brubeck. It takes me back to all the wonderful memories of summers long ago, but all the sentiments of loving summer, is how I feel about fall.

“Love, to me, is like a summer day
Silent ’cause, there’s just too much to say
Still, and warm, and peaceful,
Even clouds that may drift by
Can’t disturb our summer sky”

Perhaps once the cooler weather rolls in, another set of memories will take over, and I can enjoy sleep and food again. Until then, I will sit under a fan, drink cold water and listen to a song about summer wishing for fall.



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