Living Injured: Play it through

“We live injured.” My father-in-law said simply as we were all discussing a reoccurring physical ailment, but he meant in all ways: Physical, mental, and emotional.

The old adage “play through” the pain or injury, seems to be an idea falling away.  The “suck it up buttercup” doesn’t fly so much in sports as much as it did when I played (or it isn’t as PC as it was).  The self-care before, during and after is at a much great awareness than it was which I’m sure saves on long term injuries or does it? Do we just give up and not push as much? What do we learn of living injured in life?

I contemplated all this while we were in Denver and Estes Park. My husband and I golfed, white watered, hiked, and enjoyed a concert and vacation, but we were injured.  Physical aches and pains before and after, but, also, mental and emotional in knowing that my grandmother was in hospice and everyday expecting a call that we should come right back. It didn’t happen, but one fall and several conversations with nurses and caregivers later, we were reminded of the balance of living and honoring. Living despite the present injury.

Mammaw and dad
My grandmother and my dad. So long ago.

My grandmother always says you have to set your mind to where you are and make the best of it, or you won’t be happy. She has lived injured. Lived big. She made it through a depression, cancer, a divorce, raising two boys, working full time, losing a son and most of her family, and living and living all the while injured. She set her mind to live to her fullest. She still is.

We live injured. Memories and losses but knowing it is the playing it through that creates life and starts to heal.  I will always miss my dad. The moments overwhelm me at times. Walking into a cigar shop and smelling the pipe tobacco, a beautiful scene of golf or fishing…opens up scar or pulls the muscle more, but we still live and honor those memories. Set my mind to it because others have gone before me and shown me how it is done. I honor their life and sacrifices by living even if I hobble a bit.

Folks carry a lot with them as they make it through another day. Illnesses, heart breaks, mental and emotional struggles, loss, and regrets, but it is how we play through. I understand self-care more, but I also understand we can get lost in self. We can forget that others are living injured as well.

This life is going to hurt if lived. It will leave scars. It will be scary and cut so deep. But set your mind to live. You are not alone, and hopefully you will have great teammates to encourage and even carry you at times. Play injured. Live injured. Don’t quit.




What are your thoughts?

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