The Upper Crust

Pizza and pancakes are two things that I crave. They are also two things that once I have a serving or two, I’ve eaten too much, and I’m left wondering why the hell I craved something that makes me feel a like a Macy’s float after eating.


With this in mind, my husband and I have been on a pizza crust search. Because we love pizza but not all the after effects it has on us both, so we have gone to homemade pizza. No more takeout pizza. Never before has crust been such a vital element. So our search started with Boboli regular crust. But the sugar and thickness was meh for both of us. I left most of my crust on the plate. So we moved onto a thin crust by Mama Mia’s which was a little better if you like a Triscuit with toppings. Ever health conscious, we tried the wheat crust. Well, cardboard would have been just as yummy.

The next question of course is to make our own, but time and spontaneity of choosing what to eat has prevented the dive into homemade crust which I’m sure would turn out great. Though, after so much crust tasting, I’m sure I hold a lot of confidence with Pillsbury or Jiffy’s quick solution. I’m sure starting from scratch will be the best option. I have a couple stashed away to use for my Iron Skillet.


SO Finally, our search ended: Rustic Crust or Rustic flatbreads. This brand has a lot of varieties and is lower in sugar than most and tastes so good. We have tried the thin, the Italian Herb and the Tuscan Six Grain and all have been  We chop tomatoes and create our own garlic, olive oil base then stack on veggies, low-fact Mozzarella. We love arugula for the base.

Now when we decide on pizza, we aren’t left feeling as guilty or float like. Now, I just have to figure out pancakes.





What are your thoughts?

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