Mother May I?

May: birthdays, Mother’s Day, and graduations, and each celebration must be accompanied by food. So here are 3 GO-TO recipes that my husband and I like for our May gatherings.

Birthday Brunch: Now don’t get me wrong, as a southerner,  I still love biscuits and gravy. BUT I am now a convert to bagels, salmon, and veggies with a lot of fresh fruit on the side. The GO-TO for the family brunch special is my husband’s breakfast lasagna.  A layer of flour tortillas, black beans, more tortillas, eggs, more tortillas, beans and cheese, AND then it is topped with diced tomatoes.The most important ingredient is fresh cilantro throughout the whole thing.  We also like to include on the side salsa and fresh avocados.

Strawberry_Ombre_Cake-RPMother’s Day Tea: Cucumber, Egg and Tuna Sandwiches, and scones.  The GO-TO  dessert was a strawberry ombre cake.  So delicious.


Graduation party: My GO-TO is corn casserole  because it is great for a cookout or just the sit down dinner. It travels well or can be heated up easily.  I must warn you that the corn casserole has been referred to as crack corn, so you have been warned.

One of the most important things that makes the Go-To food and the month of May is sharing it with the ones you love. Happy May!



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