Starfish and Coffee

Prince was the wonderfully irreverent soundtrack to part of my youth. Growing up in the rural bible belt area, Prince was everything those adults didn’t want us to do, say, or feel.  I remember listening to some of his “sexy” songs hunched over a small boom box in the tennis van snickering with a bunch of other teenage girls.  But there was also the whimsy and genius of Prince.


New Girl aired the episode with Prince last night, and I was reminded of the this whimsy, and as they put it, Prince Magic that he embodied.  This icon of a musician that could laugh at himself and serve pancakes: Basketball and pancakes: And write songs like Starfish and Coffee

“Starfish and coffee
Maple syrup and jam
Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine
And a side order of ham
If U set your mind free, baby
Maybe you’d understand
Starfish and coffee
Maple syrup and jam”

In 1977, Elvis died at 42.  42!!! He was so young, and now that I can look back at being 42, it seems REALLY young. I was 7 when my mom and the world went into hysterics when the news broke about Elvis dying. I had no clue then what it meant or the why behind it. Elvis shaped her foundation and moved her soul as Prince shaped and moved mine and so many others.

I am left with the happy image from New Girl  of Prince tapping his shoulder and having a butterfly land on it and then ending with throwing down his ping-pong paddle and walking away with a pet like butterfly following him. Capturing a glimpse of an artist we lost too soon and leaves us knowing there was so much more.






What are your thoughts?

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