“Homemade – the food network with attitude”

“Chuffed to see you here on Homemade – the food network with attitude.” How can you not be hooked in with an such an opening line? One of the best parts of this food blog journey has been discovering so many wonderful and unique food sites. From the personal food blogger to large corporate sites, I have been surprised, moved and educated. Discoveries like Homemade with Sainsbury’s has been quite the foodie fix.

compressed_welcomeI found this site when I was doing my Buddha Bowl research. I am a sucker for most things UK anyway. I have from an early age relied on the UK to guide my isolated years in rural southern places. Nothing like making new friends in a place called Crab Orchard while talking in a badly done British accent.

I digress…..

I joined the site and started my Scrapbook (the digital recipe box for the site) This is the most excellent email I received: “Thanks for joining us we’re chuffed to see you here on Homemade – the food network with attitude. Every day we’ll be serving up food with a dash of humour and a side of news. We’re serious about food, but we’re not that serious. Let’s have a laugh, share ideas, swap tips and chew on some damn fine grub.”  Why I fell in love with this site:  Chuffed. Humour. Damn fine grub.

The site not only appeals to my anglophile tendencies, but my OCD-ness as well.  Organized but user friendly and so easy to navigate.  Some samples of headers and subtopics:

What’s Hot: 20 minute recipes/healthy eating/Amazing salads

Courses: Breakfast/Brunch/Desserts

Diet: Dairy Free/Gluten Free/Low fat/Nut Free/Vegan

Method: Baking/BBQ/Cakes/

Ingredients: Beef/Bread/Cheese/Chicken

Kids/Family: Junior/New Mums/Pregnant Mums

Of course, under each of these there are vast territories of discovery with stories and recipes filled with helpful tips and endearing snarky remarks. Be prepared to use metric measures and enjoy the UK phrasing and spelling. Mums.

Fresh recipes like Mushroom and chestnut pies with garlic crouton crust  and the videos are well-done and straight forward: I’ve watched how to make brownies. and How to make a smoothie bowl:

Great and fun site filled with useful information, and you will find something new every day.










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