Everyday Foodie for Today

Discovering new food blogs is really sometimes like discovering a new restaurants.  There are so very many food blogs and sometimes we get into a bit of food blog or restaurant rut. Then something new comes across our happy foodie path, and we try it, and we like it; we really like it.foodie-crossing-close-up

My foodie blog rut was thankfully broken by The Everyday Foodie: Good food. Bad food. (What? No food is bad!!!)  The thing NOT so surprising is that there are vast amounts of blogs, sites and others with the title of  The Everyday Foodie. SO, doing a search will render other sites I know, but follow the link here if you want to investigate THIS particular Everyday Foodie!

So the About I could find is Katie Stable master’s this Everyday Foodie site and provides a link to her Facebook and Instagram if you would like to discover more about another infectious foodie.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have been reading a lot of really great new food blogs and following new sites and loving them all.  AND it isn’t like I haven’t had seconds per say on the blogs. But sometimes, we try a dish or restaurant, and it just clicks. One thing that clicked with The Everyday Foodie is that that the menu headers use alliteration. (My English major is showing)

Recipe Books (and other resources!)  wait, just wait for it: Chicken to be Cherished* Fanciful Fondu* Fountains of Fish* Lamb Lovers* Past Perfection* Spicy Sensations AND so much more…

As we all know though, a great title for a dish doesn’t make the dish taste good. OR a great atmosphere doesn’t mean a great meal.  But, The Everyday Foodie’s Content, won’t let you down. It is restaurant reviews, daily meals and drinks with short and sweet commentary that is fun and to the point.  The recipes are straight forward as well, engaging and filled with personality and wonderful photos.

The current post is A dish too darn good not to share!  which Is a vegetarian fare which I am always looking for ideas, but there is so much to explore! Layers of food and fun with a section called Yummly

If you are in food blog rut or even if you are not, The Everyday Foodie is worth a look see.





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