Rites of Passage and Coffee

Growing up, coffee was one of my favorite things to smell. The sound of the machine dripping out the morning fuel brought an odd sense of comfort.  It always smelled so delicious, but I hated the taste.


Now, I can’t imagine starting my morning without coffee. I have cut out all other caffeine in my life, but I haven’t been able to let go of my morning cup or the treat of the mocha or latte some afternoons. I think it is the ritual of coffee. Sitting on the deck or at the table, and chatting over a cup of coffee. Some of the best conversations I had with my grandmothers, my dad, and my husband were over a cup of coffee. Sentimental.

Even at college when one is to become a coffee fiend, it didn’t happen for me. I went to college in late 80’s and early 90’s in a small town. So the advent of a mocha and toddies was foreign. Nope, brewed coffee in the dorm room (bad), fast food or the 24 hour truck stop (worse), and campus cafeteria (worst). These were a coffee haters options. I even tried the café au late, but it just didn’t work for me then.

coffeeNo, my transformation to a coffee imbiber and lover came when I worked in Metairie at The Coffee Cottage after college. I was formally introduced to the world of coffee: Espressos, mocha, hot toddies, chicory, and Torani syrups for them all. Working late and cleaning, someone made us all mochas to get through the clean-up. It was nectar to me. I had to have one almost every shift, so I was jittery but who cared.

I never looked back. Now, my husband and I can’t just brew the Folgers roast. We buy our beans and grind them at home for each pot of coffee. I am that snob. The Fresh Market or Kennedy’s Coffee  is our go to places in Northwest Arkansas. I love brewing the Toddy coffee. This is perfect for iced coffee.


Now, I can appreciate a strong cup of coffee at an average Joe restaurant. I don’t have to go and buy a cup at Starbucks or a special coffee shop. Perhaps I have trained my taste buds now or my body will go into emergency mode. We have not gotten into the Keurig fad. We have tried the coffee and see the convenience, but the taste isn’t so considerably better that I want to buy the whole set-up. We had a Keurig espresso machine in our kibbutz cabin which worked out nicely because the coffee was meh in the central dining hall.  No energy drinks for me. I am a coffee convert and will continue on my coffee journey.








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