Meet Your Waffle Maker

In the back of our kitchen shelf lives many unused by thoughtful cooking appliances: one is the George Foreman Grill.  We have juicer which I just found. Good to know we have this. Could have used this much more. We have a blender which is used more often but is still pushed back behind the crock pots which are in regular use over the fall and winter months.

yourwafflemakerPushed the furthest back: the waffle iron. We have used this once. Even then, the process of batter and making only for 3 folks seemed annoying. So, to the back of the cabinet it went taking up space and collecting dust. Every once in while it comes out because I clean and shift things around, but there it is useless.

Recently MSN ran 12 Genius Things You Can Make in a Waffle Iron

I was ready to explore the options because I am not creative at all in the kitchen which is why I love reading foodie blogs and all the descriptions, recipes, and photographs folks are able to put together. The first slide was of course the standby which is why it is in the back of my shelf anyway, but the second was fudgy waffle brownies, so already I can maybe begin to think about shifting the waffle iron from the dark recesses to the regularly used section of our shelves.

My next favorite is Falafel Waffles: “These little rounds piled with fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese take falafel to a new level. The crispy textured exterior and warm inside…”   I am already imagining these with fresh garden tomatoes for my Israeli salad and homemade Hummus.

The hashbrown and turkey panini were a couple of others that were out of the usual uses. The idea of Challah or other egg bread pressed into lovely waffle sandwiches makes me wish I would have thought of this much sooner. I am thinking our next French Toast venture with Challah will be using the waffle iron.

This preview opened up some great ideas and worlds of research to find a use for this forgotton appliance:  Frugal Coupon Living is another place that gave a nice list of recipes.

So, it is time to dust off and meet your waffle maker and reintroduce to the light of the kitchen.








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