Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants

There are hole-in-the-wall Restaurants, then there are the GOOD hole-in-the-wall restaurants. We all have at least one that is our find and recommend it to family and friends. The foodie spirit drives us, and despite appearances and the things that warn us away, we seek the adventure of maybe this is the one. Many times, they aren’t. Sometimes though, we are pleasantly surprised and get a delicious meal for a great price in an atmosphere that takes some adjusting.

I read an online article about famous chef’s and their favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants which were far more exotic than my list.

My first must start with one in Israel. Our tour guide Ido Heruty (www.idotours.com) led us down a long dirt road to Rutenberg’s, a small war-torn place in the Golan Valley. It was small with bathrooms in a separate building and chunks of building missing from shelling (so yeah, literally holes in the wall. Sorry.) ….hmm that can’t be good right?

DSC00245Well, a menu that has chef preparations and excellent service, and this was just a lunch stop. Ido said he thought it was the best restaurant in Israel, and he may be right.  Be careful if you drive at night because of the wild boars.

So this was the dessert: a frozen Crème Brule with a berry sauce…


Nearer to home, we have found a couple of these hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Springdale, AR.

China Cafe Chinese Restaurant

So it is a building you wouldn’t stop in to eat unless someone had already said, “yes it is safe.” A worn converted building with duct tape on the door. The décor is ala hole-in-the wall, but the food is truly wonderful. Soup, tofu, chicken, crab wontons, all have been delish.

china cafe

Our second go to place is  R&R Curry Express.  We discovered it at lunch time tucked in a shopping strip mall buried in with Subway and a Thai restaurant. I started with a Veggie Samosa followed by a wonderful vegetarian dish PALAK CHOLE and excellent Naan Bread. In the front room there is a small T.V where you can watch them make the naan bread. It was wonderful that of course we had to tell others of our find. So a few weeks later, we rounded up 7 folks and ordered several appetizers and dishes and passed around. ALL were delicious. The atmosphere is fairly bare but Tandoori was on the T.V. Now the folks we brought along know Indian food better than I, and they confirmed that it was some of the best that they have had.

The last place is Sushi House. sushi Again, a strip mall place in Bentonville, AR,  but oh such great food. They inundate you with freebies like soup and a large piece of sushi, then sometimes they will bring a tinfoil wrapped white fish on fire and let it cook. Then after you are stuffed, lovely peeled fruit is set down before you. It is small and tables are quite crowded together, but great service and good price and food.  fruit


Please, feel free to share your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant!


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