I’m sure most foodies know about and have known about Food52 for long time. So yes, I am running behind in the foodie world, but still so glad to make such discoveries.

Food52 is a lush site with everything food from recipes and shopping to all sorts of delights to savor.

So today’s little trick was fluffier pancakes. Don’t care about pancakes? Well how about how to make salad into soup or uses of vinegar. OR, how about 8 chicken appetizers for game day? NO? How about shopping for cleaning tools or kitchen needs? Maybe.. thinking about it.

Still no. Well there is also a nice little Contest area. The current contest is baking your best tart, but submissions are closed now, so you will have to check back for winners and new contests. There is also an online Hotline. So have a cooking concern or question? This is the place to ask and seek.

Lest I forget, Drinks. Food52 covers drinks. Need to know how to pair cookies with Beer, This is the place.

I can’t even begin to cover all the delightful articles and topic areas. It is a smorgasbord of a food site.



What are your thoughts?

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