Cookie Monster Season

I love cookies. I know many have gone over to the cupcake side, but I am still a die-hard cookie fan. Christmas is my favorite cookie baking season. Not only can I bake for my family, I bake so much more to give as gifts. Did I mention sampling all the treats?

I love trying and adding new cookie recipes. Here are some that I discovered on Pinterest of course. I really appreciate the one with 35 recipes in one place. It must be the Cookie Monster in me:

cookie mosnter

Glazed Lemon Sugar Cookies from Swanky Recipes:

35 Festive Christmas Cookies from Yellow Bliss Road

Pecan Crescent Cookies from Lady Behind the Curtain

3 ingredient coconut macaroons from Give Recipe

I have a few family standards which are a part of my repertoire. My main family standard is not a cookie, of course, but it is lumped in with my main holiday baking-Easy Schnecken: I use a miniature muffin pan for mine:






What are your thoughts?

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