Discovering St. Louis Food

Visiting Washington University in St. Louis for parent’s weekend was a food adventure. As freshman parents, we are discovering where to eat and learning our way around the hub.

On our first visit in August to St. Louis, we did the traditional Fitz’s restaurant with HUGE Root Beer floats. The weather was steaming, so food was lower priority. Our food adventure was not as notable as our second time around.


On our second trip, Friday was solely an on campus adventure of Chabad. It was organized chaos and a lovely evening of several courses and prayers. Saturday was a walk around the St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park and a trip to the Delmar loop and Blueberry Hill. We had a late afternoon lunch, so it wasn’t overcrowded. The setting was Large booths and tables with picture windows looking onto the street. And of course, the walls are filled with celebrity photos who have performed at Blueberry Hill. Between the six of us, we had food variety: we started with the traditional Toasted Ravioli-a St. Louis must, Fish and chips basket, Eggplant Parmesan, Breakfast Wagyu Burger, and Trout Almondine. Everyone loved all the dishes, and we all split a piece of Blueberry pie which was amazing and a must for a restaurant named Blueberry Hill.

At night, we went in a completely different direction and experience. A more upscale place called Publico.  I really enjoyed this dining experience, but I was glad with folks who knew more about the food combinations and menu. Everyone on staff and the manager were really nice and answered questions, but I can certainly see how the atmosphere and menu could be intimidating.

The dishes here are small portions-like tapas. With six folks, we tried a lot of food yet again: Appetizers, Cobia Caprese, Pinto Beans, Tacos of Pescado Blanco, Smoked Brisket and Hongos (oyster and shiitake mushrooms), Guacamole Arepas, AND of course we all again split dessert of Flan which was crazy good. The adults had Petalos Mencia. We left filling full and only the Hongos fell flat.

We are hoping that over the next 4 years (or more) that we will discover more of St. Louis dining and notable food adventures.









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