Falafel Feast

Who would have thought that even in Northwest Arkansas, one can put together a decent Falafel dinner at home.  Summer 2014, we came back from Israel spoiled with fresh fruits, veggies and fish and Middle Eastern food. We sought to recreate the Falafel feast at home

The checklist:

Falafel: Fortunately out tiny neighborhood market has small-incredibly small Jewish section which has a simple mix for Falafel’s. There is also a refrigerated package, but it isn’t as good.faf mix

Israeli salad: With my tomato plants this summer, our Israeli salad was easy and delicious. A few good cumbers, good olive oil, salt, lemon and cilantro-yum.

Hummus: We again tried several store bought but finally my husband said, “I can make it better.” He does. So a few cans of Garbanzo beans, Tahini, and herbs, and we have hummus.

The pitas?: The only ingredient that we can’t seem to find or make successfully is the Pita bread. We have tried 3 different kinds and all fall apart and add nothing to meal but soppy bread. I have been looking up some recipes to try next and make a batch to have.

Although we enjoy our Falafel at home, it certainly doesn’t beat what we had in Israel. We will continue to try recipes, and I am hoping to find a pita recipe I can actually make work!


What are your thoughts?

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