Foodie*ism in the fall

Sweaters and soup– a couple of my favorite things about fall. I adore the cool weather, and here in Northwest Arkansas, the leaves can be breathtaking. I love fall!


I also love coming home to the smell of soup that has been in the crock pot all day—that and a glass of wine.

medium_15BS photo small

Our go to soup in the fall is Hurst 15 Bean soup and a loaf of beer bread. We like this because it is an easy meal to put together during a busy work week. We use to doctor the soup with the traditional ham-bone or fatback, but we don’t now for health reasons. The soup is still delicious, and we like the option of making it  more into soup or stew, thin or thick. Krusteaz beer bread is a bread mix and a bottle of beer (or carbonated drink) and then it is pretty much ready for the oven. It is quick and easy to make, but it tastes really good. One of our favorites for the fall , and it  goes great with any soup.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love-love the blended vegetable soups. My husband is the soup guru in our house. He makes a European chicken noodle soup passed down from his grandmother, and he can make a mean potato soup. These are the weekend projects which sometimes we have leftovers for the week, but not always. It isn’t quite cool enough now to indulge my soup cravings, but I am eagerly anticipating getting out my sweaters and enjoying some soup on the back deck and taking in the wonderful sights and smells of fall.




What are your thoughts?

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