Foodie Appetite


Our Foodie Appetite–I would like to introduce to you: Katie and Justin E. They are the duo that travels, eats, and blogs together. “We are a Norfolk, VA based foodie couple who have a passion for great food and travel and we want to share that with you! Our experience has allowed us to review many restaurants and travel destinations. If you’re looking for a particular location, check and see if we’ve been there!”

Their happy little website Our Foodie Appetite was an accidental find through a comment made on my blog (Denver in 48) and knew I had to visit their site. I am glad that I did.  I don’t think the content has yet caught up with all of their actual traveling, but I expect there is more to cover and come along.  The tone is friendly and for right now focused on Virginia and Columbus OH.  The website is user friendly and sleek looking.

Content Areas:

Restaurant Reviews

Farmers Markets


Winery Reviews

Travel Tips

I feel positively ancient when I look at this young couple’s vibrant energy that radiates off the site, but I love the energy and look forward to their future posts.



What are your thoughts?

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