Kitchen Nerd

I have an obsession with America’s Test Kitchen  and Cook’s Country. So I guess that makes me a kitchen nerd, but not the nerd who can afford all the bells and whistles of food and kitchen gadgets just the dream of them.

ATK tests gadgets and recipes to find what is most effective and useful for the cost. It is a scientific approach but with an appeal that anyone can relate to. The radio and T.V. shows aphotore a foodie’s dream, well this foodie’s dream. The draw back to the online site is that there is a subscription price for recipes, tests, product information, and science (A Science tab!!) but that gets you into this society of tested information and facts that are pretty much full-proof ergo the $. Browsing the site, you can listen and watch for free.

There is a free newsletter which really is just a tease for access to more of the information IF you like that sort of thing. The most recent is about the best products for packing lunches: they review storage bags and peelers and travel tumblers. Useful.

There is an online Cooking School and Books and Cooks Illustrated which are all the tested recipes and what to NOT do and do. For now, I am not a paying member. I receive the newsletter and watch the shows and try to catch the radio show on the weekends. I will most likely invest in The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook. I will eventually become a paying member, until then a foodie girl can dream.





What are your thoughts?

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