Life in three songs

School is in full swing for most.  We have dropped my son off at college for his Freshman year at Wash U in St. Louis. My husband has gone back and been teaching Oral Communications to 9th graders.  My online Comp II course started this week. Our first assignment is a “Getting to Know You” discussion board.  They had to create a mini soundtrack of their life Past, present, and future. Describe the time the song represents and what it reflects.  Turned out to be a successful writing and introduction exercise. I can’t take the credit. This class really committed to the task and made it work better than I could have ever anticipated. I will share what I posted for my students to get to know me.

My playlistrecord


The song that represents my past is U2’s “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” It captures the summer of when I was 17 and working at the tennis center. I smell fresh-cut grass and can feel the heat and humidity of an Arkansas summer on hot cement courts feeding balls to kids in tennis camp. Green dominates my mind but not because of jealousy, but green grass, green courts, watermelon and growth. The song is about all the searching and getting ready for my life.  I chose  Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” for the present. This is my connection to my father who passed away three years ago this month. He loved to share his love of Jazz and this was one of his favorites, and now it is mine. It reminds me taking him the concert at Walton Arts Center and this was the first song. Smell is the mixture of cigarette smoke and my dad’s cologne. I picture mostly black because of the auditorium’s dim lights, and  the sadness tied to losing my dad. Last but not least is Greg Holden’s “Hold on Tight.” It is how I want to lead my life now and in the future. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of one good choice and deed, and As Willie Wonka says: “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”   (Also in Merchant of Venice but it says naughty world).  Picturing smell and color for what is to come is a challenge but for the two things that bring me peace-Green for growth and the smell of burning leaves in the fall.

What are your thoughts?

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