The Squirrel Scene


Just in case you have nothing to do next weekend, AND you are in Northwest Arkansas, here is a little something different to say the least.

Northwest Arkansas has been a major contributor to the broader appeal of Arkansas. Walmart, Tyson, and J.B. Hunt have been central for industry and jobs.  Bentonville apart from Fayetteville’s University of Arkansas (Go Razorbacks!) has been a major draw: Crystal Bridges Museum of Art , Bentonville Film FestivalNewest Hipster Neighborhoods

And now to make things surreal, add the World Championship Squirrel Cook Off.  The website offers some history of cooking squirrel and yes, Squirrel Swag.  Held in Bentonville’s town  square for a lovely fall afternoon where folks can amble past four start restaurants and the original Walmart Five and Dime  and then stop to taste a variety of squirrel cuisine. I know-a bit of an oxymoron.

I have eaten squirrel, or so I have been told.  We lived in the rural parts of Arkansas, so my dad and brother did a lot of squirrel hunting for the leaner times. I was a little girl and a picky eater anyway, so telling me that our evening meal was just on our deck  was not a good idea. All this is to say, I can’t tell you whether it tastes like chicken or not.  I ate it, so it must have not been too horrible?

Bentonville is now in a place where hosting the World Championship Squirrel Cook Off won’t define it as some backwards community.  There are still small towns and back roads and beautiful trials.  But the event now adds a nice quirk to the corporate tone or hipster haven. It is just one facet to an ever-growing scene.











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