Denver in 48

Got 48 hours?

It all started simply enough. We like a band and Denver was the closest they would come. (We are going on a campaign so maybe they-Scars on 45 will come all the way to Northwest Arkansas.) SOOOO anyway, In less than 48 hours my husband and I had a whirlwind trip to Denver, Colorado.

We arrived in Denver on Saturday late afternoon: Not much of day left, but we were not deterred. We walked around our new surroundings after checking in. Found a nice place called Silvi’s Kitchen

We had appetizers for dinner: Trifecta plate: Hummus, Tzatziki and Falafel with mixed Veggies and wood oven pane Bianco. We also ordered the Charred Brussels sprouts. All very yummy.  I had a local beer that was raspberry and yummy as well. No, I can’t remember the name.  So onward to Whole foods to buy  snacks and drinks for our room. Our plan was up early and early on Sunday and drive to Estes Park.

Beautiful drive and the weather was wonderful. After coming from the 98 plus oven of Arkansas, this was delightful.  Walked around Estes Park and enjoyed the empty streets. Folks were out walking dogs and enjoying the peace and quiet of before the tourist wave.

Estes park 2

After enjoying the trail around the town, we landed at Claire’s On the Park just in time for lunch. Of course we ordered the trout even though it seemed to be known for its breakfast.  More walking and then drive back to Denver.

Sunday night was Scars on 45   at the Soiled Dove   Dinner was Meh. Tavern food-we opted for appetizers. What was cool was that the band was like two booths down. My husband was, “Do I go say something?”  I didn’t know. I mean they were eating dinner and the show was soon?? We are bad fans I guess. We didn’t say anything.  The concert was GREAT. We planned another early morning despite the late- late night.

Denver Zoo Monday morning by(actually 8:30) 9:00 to be first in line and ready when it opens.. Oh yeah, we  covered that zoo. Boom. Back to the room and headed tzooo the airport for our trip home.

Whew. Back late Monday and work the next day. A great way (despite flying) to spend 48 hours.



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