Indian summer

Finding a decent Indian restaurant in Northwest Arkansas has been a challenge. Years ago one opened up and well it didn’t leave a good impression. Very limited menu and everything tasted the same and all chicken. This didn’t seem quite right.


Well I am happy to report that we found a nice gem of an Indian restaurant that opened not 5 months ago R & R Curry Express which offers North Indian Cuisine. Indian menu features traditional curries prepared with fresh herbs and seasonings and meats cooked in Tandoori clay oven.

We discovered it at lunch time tucked in a strip mall buried in with Subway and a Thai restaurant.  I started with a Veggie Samosa followed by a wonderful vegetarian dish PALAK CHOLE and excellent naan Bread.  In the front room there is a small T.V. where you can watch them make the naan bread.


But the best way to really experience Indian dishes is with a group. So a few weeks later, we rounded up 7 folks and ordered several appetizers and dishes and passed around. ALL were delicious.  The atmosphere was fairly bare but the Indian music and videos were a wonderful edition.  Now the folks we brought along know Indian food much better than I, and they confirmed that it was delicious, delicious.

There is a location in Fort Smith, Arkansas but I haven’t been there, but here is a review of that one from The City Wire.   So I look forward to experiencing more dishes and hopefully this little gem will stay open for more folks to experience.



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