Go-To Dishes

A birthday, Mother’s Day, and graduation-boom. The last two weeks filled with family gatherings and lots of food.  It seemed that for each gathering there was a Go-To dish. We all have that recipe that we can easily use and is a crowd-pleaser.


Birthday Brunch: Now don’t get me wrong, as a southern woman, I still love biscuits and gravy and pancakes, BUT I am now a convert of bagels, salmon, and veggies with a lot of fresh fruit. The Go-To for our family brunch special is my husband’s breakfast lasagna.  A layer of flour tortillas, black beans, tortillas, eggs, more tortillas, beans and cheese, AND then it is topped with tomatoes. I left out the most important ingredient-fresh cilantro throughout the whole dish.  We serve salsa on the side.

Mother’s Day Tea: It turned more into an early dinner tea. Cucumber, Egg, and Tuna Sandwiches, and scones.  The Go-To dessert was an Ombre Strawberry cake. Yes!!

Graduation party: This took a bit more prep for the sit down: Homemade humus, Cole slaw and corn casserole. (AND a delightful yellow cake with Butterfinger filling and chocolate icing which came from the mind of my niece who is quite the baker).

So for now, the party eating is done, and I will try to go back to gentle eating. I know Memorial Day is lurking, but I’m hoping that no large food parties are planned. There are still a couple of birthdays to eat through and the fourth of July. Whatever the occasion, one of the most important things that makes the Go-To food Go-To is whom you share it with.



What are your thoughts?

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