What is your Dinner Party Playlist?

Reading 18 Songs You Must Play At Your Next Dinner Party got me thinking- What music do we really plan for parties? Do you still plan a playlist-your very own? Planning goes into menus, food, ingredients and presentation and themes, but music?


The Ultimate Dinner Party   Just the start of the playlist is my kind of music: “Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love,” Pink Martini and then any list that includes Madeleine Peyroux AND Melody Gardot AND Ella Fitzgerald, then you are good, so good. I would add some Edith Piaf but there is Manu Dibango. I love this soundtrack perhaps because I am odd and enjoy this music any day of the week, but mostly because it reminds of all making my playlist.

Are we not planners of dinner party soundtracks now because of the ease of Pandora or handy Youtube lists?  I made so many mix tapes. Each had an occasion and tone I wanted to capture. It was planning and work to create these. Record and set the next song, case design. All important.

It used to be a thing to have the right music. I remember my parents threw 1970 dinner parties with the full fondue and bar set up. These weren’t plastic plate dinners, but small plates with fancy toothpicks and real glasses for all types of mixed drinks.


The stereo was the large 1970 radio and record console. It was  the kind where you set records to drop down after one finished which Dad played mostly Jazz. I loved the music mixed with the sound of clinking glasses. This was also the time when folks smoked inside houses and the room was smoked filled. God save my lungs now, but I am inspired now to create my playlist.

I am curious, do you still come up with a playlist or have go-to lists and songs that are a must at parties?


What are your thoughts?

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