Yard Sale Food

Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Estate Sales…all great rummaging places to find finds. But if you are planning your own, should you add food to the list of sale items?  Look, we all know that office parties, informational meetings, or casual gatherings seem to attract more attention and attendance if there is food.


One thing that I didn’t realize is that I will have to check with my municipality to make sure it is OK.  Some don’t allow food because of health codes or the need of labels because of all the allergies and law suits going around.

So along with all the sorting, labeling and pricing of you regular items for sale, there are a few tips that I found that would quite useful of you are going to have food:

  • What Food: Decide what you want to serve and make it consistent and easy. Baked goods have a tendency to sell well, cookies or brownies, and cupcakes are a winner. Drinks can be a hit especially on hot days when folks are hitting more than one sale which many do.
  • Sample: Offer small taste samples of what you are selling (baked goods that is. I wouldn’t offer tastings for hot dog or pizza.)
  • To Go: have plastic bags, paper bags, napkins so folks can easily buy and take with them. IF you are selling cake or pie or even some pizza slices, then have things pre-sliced and offer plates and utensils.
  • Garbage Can: Have a one set and ready to go with bags set to replace.
  • Recipes: If you have baked something special, then have the recipe printed off and on cards stacked with the food. This may tempt some to partake.
  • Price: The rule I read said that if the baked good isn’t bigger than your hand then you should charge a dollar or less. Meal items can be more, but the goal is to sell. Drinks it is suggested that they run 75 cents to a dollar. It probably depends on where you live as well. I am more rural so price has to be low enough.
  • Temperature Check: I for one would see what the temperature is that day. I mean if it is blazing then I don’t want melted chocolate chip cookie fingers on sale items, maybe just sugar cookies. Winter sale, then hot chocolate; Summer Sale, water. I keep reading that sodas sell very well.
  • Dates: The first and the fifteenth are pay days so that can help all traffic. Also pick a weekend that doesn’t have big community events planned.
  • Signage: Large Neon signs. I learned this going to a lot of estate Sales. Pink Sign with bold black

Food seems like an undertaking itself, but it can add a nice welcome feel to the sale. If you are up for the extra planning, it may be worth it and keep people around visiting and snacking AND looking to buy.






What are your thoughts?

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