Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of the Troubled Tummy

Confession: I have had a loud rumbly tummy for as long as I remember. Even as a little girl, my stomach had issues and was very vocal. I grew up thinking this was normal. Everyone had tummy troubles to some degree, but mine were just louder. It never slowed me down too much, and my parents thought it was just a sissy tummy, and I bought in.


Treating my stomach with kindness and diet was foreign. I will make my stomach adjust. No that doesn’t and didn’t work, and as I have gotten older, it has only gotten louder and has way more tantrums. I tried probiotics years ago which only made my stomach louder if possible with more discomfort and no relief. Okay, yogurt with probiotics. I like yogurt but two times a day, and I didn’t have results. Diet adjustments. Exercise. Tests. No combination was working. Stubborn sissy stomach still winning.

Added to this plight was age and acid reflux-thank you 40s! So goes testing for an ulcer and ruling out heart troubles and placed on Omeprazole and Tagamet. No more acid reflux and my tummy was quieted, but all was not well. These prescriptions basically stopped my digestion after 2 years. I read and read about other prescriptions that I would be given to solve the problems these caused. If I went off of these then the other prescriptions would also have other side effects.

So I had to decide that my stomach was not really an enemy or a sissy, but my tummy that keeps me healthy. I had to take aggressive action to cure my tummy troubles. I was determined to try a more natural approach. I may not have a choice one day, so while I do, I was going find what worked for my system. I weaned off of the prescriptions, and I changed my diet to only fish and veggies and added daily fiber supplement and finally a daily probiotic that doesn’t make me gag, and finally results—(Kefir has been a good fit-for me.)

I am still considering adding a probiotic supplement, but I am still doing research. The initial experience was so bad and painful that I am very wary. I found a couple of websites that rank and review. I can’t attest to testing methods or who is behind all the testing. Simply information gathering.


I don’t know if I have truly triumphed over tummy troubles, but so far the natural and conscientious approach has worked for my system. It has quieted the rumble for now and only occasionally will there be a tantrum.  It is about breaking bad patterns of health and caring for my troubled tummy in a way that is treating my unique system. Be encouraged if you have a rumbly in your tummy.


What are your thoughts?

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