Food Fellowship and Wine Rollercoaster

Food Fellowship and Wine: Let the Feast Commence.


Carla de Klerk, “main foodie and head honcho” for Food Fellowship and Wine  has created a brilliant site which she invites you to join her on “a wild roller coaster of delicious recipes, reviews and reflections all around food.”  No height requirement which is pretty sweet.

The site has three main sections Recipes* Reviews* Reflections (and of course The contact and About section). Homepages are a nice way to formally enter and Fellowship has a welcoming page.

Recipes: The recipe layout is like the plate of appetizers. You see this wonderful little blurb and tasty photo, click, and the main dish in all of its glory looking yummier- if possible.

“The Sour Cream Choc-Chip Cake: Why Yes, You can Bake Happiness”  de Klerk gives the reader a direct but endearing introduction to cake.   “We regard it as the utmost necessity.” How can anyone not dive into this?! “These days I won’t just eat any old sponge, only real delicious artisanal, stuff-in-your-mouth kinda bakes pass my test.” Accessible recipes with a quick but personalized hello draws the foodie reader in and makes them want to dig in more.

So as you scroll down the recipes, you can choose, “Peppered Apple and Butterscotch Cinnamon Bowls: Updating Mom’s Bible-Cake” I really appreciated the introduction to this because it reminded me of growing up in a small town and Bible studies with delicious homemade (really, really homemade) dishes. It captures the idea of the fellowship perfectly.

Review: The review section wets wanderlust. Again the photos and text give such a lush experience from Cape Town’s Hipster Mecca to the Franschoek Wine Tram or say The Breakfast of Champions.

Reflections: There are a couple of Cooking Fails that are encouraging and reassuring: Cooking Fails: The Choc Chip Cookie:

I love this roller coaster ride because it is not only a fun ride, but it captures the spirit of we are all in this together so let’s enjoy-hold on.

What are your thoughts?

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