Friendliness, Food, and Farmers’ Markets


I am biased, but I do believe Arkansas is a most kind state not only to live in but to stop and sit a spell. I recently read a blog shared on Facebook; The Kindness Travels featured her stop in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Arkansas may be the most kind state we’ve visited so far.

Now, for those who don’t know, Little Rock is the capital and our BIG city. I grew up well outside of Little Rock in small towns. I’ve been used to the waves and nods and the over friendliness at 4 way stop signs.

My husband confirms that I’m not overly biased. He moved from Florida, Broward County. He visited Arkansas with all the same stereotypes in mind. Oh, look shoes and teeth! But he discovered the natural beauty and friendliness (and our not so foreign enjoyment of shoes and teeth). He  confirmed that this was one of the friendliest places he had traveled, and he has been able to travel to almost all the 50 states.

BUT,  I also have to give props to Northwest Arkansas as well since that is where we live, and some of the best places to experience friendliness and food are the Arkansas Farmers’ Markets. You can roam downtown squares and hear folk music, buy fresh veggies, homemade soap, and baked goods. The spring brings the opening of Farmers’ markets where open friendly folks abound.


****I understand that no state is perfect and as with any group,  there are those that you wish didn’t say the narrow-minded things they do. I say this as someone who lost so-called friends because I married someone Jewish. So I know. But I see the tide turning for even more openness and friendly smiles.





What are your thoughts?

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