Healthy Food-Healthy Kitchen and Chitra

“Chitra’s Health Kitchen: Recipes for healthy living” was created by Chitra Jagadish and is a site packed full of wonderful recipes.

veggie heart

I am so impressed with her prolific posts and the variety she brings to her blog.She has a Dip menu, and these are not your everyday boring add dry soup packet to sour cream. NO. Parley peanut pesto…come on.

If you stop by her blog and read about her, she has a warm vibe and embraces variation on her recipes. How can anyone resist a dentist cook who is hungry to learn and to share?

Her recipes are healthy, and you have lots and lots to choose from with the menu: Indian, Just Bake, Oat Recipes, Quick to Make, Salad/Wraps, Sweets, and Vegan. I live in an area that unfortunately has no good Indian food available, so her recipes are not only healthy, but I can follow many of them, and any that I can’t is because of my own limitations.

Now the gift of plenty can be a curse or a blessing-You have to go in focused on the great food recipes. There is a lot that surrounds each recipe that is a narrow stripe in the middle- via WordPress that is, and I think her photos don’t do her dishes justice. BUT she has way more numbers and followers, so it must work just fine. She has several awards and recognitions, so I’m sure her blogging and recipes will only grow. I follow her on WordPress and on Pinterest just to keep up.

I love the “500th post: Strawberries stuffed with Pistachio and coated with Chocolate”. Some of her best photos and well laid out recipe. AND it sounds delicious.

I have really enjoyed following this blog so far, and if you haven’t stopped by like the thousands already, then you should. Here are the numerous ways to follow!

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