Snow Daze: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper to Lady Convicts

Okay, so this list isn’t in exact order but it does reflect how I try to spend a day iced and snowed in—again.

  1. Clean: My OCD tends to take over, and I will clean our shelves or closets. BOOM. I will lose my steam, but for a shining moment, ONE part of my home is nice.
  2. Cook: This time around it was Easy Lemon cookies   (I used lemon zest instead of extract. Yums). My husband made Tortilla soup equally Yums.
  3. Create: I am learning to knit. I am bad at knitting, but my closet was clean.
  4. Critters: Walking our dog in the snow is an adventure because he freaks out at first and runs around excited and happy and then it hits his little pug, chiweenie mix body that it is damn cold. Then watched our cat and dog wrestle and finally enjoy a spot in the sun.11041596_10206423859499968_729392091924326600_n
  5. Compulsive watching of Netflix: We finally got to watch Orange is the New Black. Almost through season 1.
  6. Channel Surfing: Really I mean this more for the internet but I wanted to use another “C.” I like to find new music and found one great songstress: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper.

So my snow daze went by quickly, and I managed to not feel like a complete slug. Laundry done, cookies gone, some exercise in and now one work day before the weekend.







What are your thoughts?

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