Birthday Cake Disasters and Delights

Birthday Cake. You’ve been the victim of a bad birthday cake: Office parties, church, schools, wherever. It means well. It has “Happy” on it and a name swirled, but that doesn’t overcome the dry material on the inside serving as cake, nor does it excuse the slightly hardening material on the outside that serves as icing. Do you remember what was your best or worst birthday cake?

Recently, my trend of bad birthday cakes was broken. My in-laws surprised me with not only a beautifully decorated cake, but a moist icing-lishcious cake. We used Rick’s Bakery for our wedding cake, but I never thought of using it for something so ordinary as birthday cake. Rick’s Bakery in Fayetteville makes some outstanding cakes no matter what the occasion is.


This indulgence of a mighty fine birthday cake got me thinking about past birthday cakes-disasters and delights. I also wonder what ever did we do before Pinterest and all those cake ideas!

Our family did not have the money to buy a special bakery cake much less always have one made at home. One of my favorite cakes made just for my birthday was not the traditional birthday cake. My mom made me a Snow Tunnel Cake (which I still have the 1980’s magazine cut out of the recipe) Mine was a white cake with chocolate pudding on the inside tunnel with bits of cake mixed in and Cool Whip on the outside. Yummy. (I seem to have a liking for pudding and cakes like my last post for Watergate Cake

1 Duncan Hines Angel Food Cake Mix
1 (12 oz.) frozen whipped topping (Cool Whip)
1 1/2 c. milk
1 regular size instant pudding, your choice. Bake cake as directed on box; cool. Slice 1 inch layer off top; set aside. Gently hollow out a trench in cake 1 inch wide and 2 inches deep. Tear cake from trench into small pieces. Combine milk and pudding mix 2 minutes, low speed. Fold cake pieces and 1 3/4 cups of topping into pudding. Fill trench with mixture. Replace top of cake. Spread cake with remaining Cool Whip. Chill and serve.

I have not made many traditional birthday cakes, so my complete disaster ratio if lower. I have made many non-birthday cakes that were indeed a disaster, but I digress. My husband usually requests bread pudding or Watergate Cake or many times we go out to eat, so we enjoy the birthday restaurant dessert– WITHOUT the song.

Ultimately, I guess it is the thought that counts. But man, if that thought also tastes good then it is indeed a Happy birthday!



What are your thoughts?

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