Redefining Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day has already cast its somber cloud of dread over my students. They started dreading last week actually. Perfectly wonderful folks feeling completely horrid about a day. Singles feel more isolated and those in relationships can feel only obligation. So how does one try to deflect ALL the hype about a day and reassure those bumming that it is going to be okay? Well, my search took me and my students to Generosity Day:  A movement to take back Valentine’s Day. This page offers ideas and a forum to share stories of generosity.

It takes the idea of love and twists it back into shape– giving without expectation. It is a movement to give time, money, talent, love…..basically a random act of kindness ramped-up on this day. Want to buy coffee for a stranger, serve at a homeless shelter, volunteer at an animal shelter,  or go to a Senior center and visit a stranger–then let that be a part of your day.

Do something different. Have you seen that commercial with the young man making a”romantic dinner” and it is actually honoring his grandmother for Valentine’s Day… so sweet.

I know that there are several holidays that have morphed into volunteer days, but I think on a day fraught with exclusion anything to make yourself or others feel valued and belonging is important.  So on this Valentine’s Day weekend, I am encouraged, a bit, and I look forward to the results of reaching out. I feel that I should note, but my dearest husband and I make the choice not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We both see what happens to our students good and bad, so we make this day about others.

Be Blessed Everyday!




What are your thoughts?

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