Party on- it’s Groundhog Day

A couple of things I love about February: imagesgh2Groundhog Day and my birthday. According to Punxsutawney Phil, we can look for an early spring:

So what do you do to celebrate Groundhog Day, besides maybe catch the movie? Well there are a couple of options:

I found a wonderful little entry that was full of how to have a Groundhog Day movie party. I would guide you to the site, but it is now private. So the idea is to dress as characters, prepare food based movie and play trivia games based on quotes and elements from the movie. You really do need to be a fan of the movie, and those you invite should probably also be fans. If they think all they are celebrating is a rodent crawling out its hole, well, what’s fun about that?


Perhaps, you don’t want a full blown party and all that prep. So maybe just mix yourself a sweet vermouth with twist, watch the movie and play a drinking game.

BarMeister actually has a whole list of TV/Movie drinking games. I never knew. You will find Groundhog Day on this quite detailed list.

Party on and enjoy an early spring-maybe.





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