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Hairstylist Soul Mates

I digress from food… but I have commitment issues—with hairstylist. I know that I should be for myself and my hair’s sake, committed. I have always had trouble staying with one stylist for any length of time. I have not found my hairstylist soul mate.


College was pretty carefree hair days. I didn’t do much, and I didn’t have to. I played college tennis so my hair was under a cap or in a ponytail most of the time. In graduate school, I had the best stylist and stayed almost a whole year! This was really good for me. He was great, and it didn’t break my budget. But, he wanted to go back to school full-time.  So I ended up at another stylist that was good, but again, not my match.

My faithfulness over the past say 7 years has shaky at best. The hairstylist I faithfully went to was getting expensive to keep up cut and color. So I went to just a cut, then she left. So I thought yeah, I’ll grow my hair out. My hair has never grown out in any good way, but I continue to think that somehow each decade is going to be different and somehow my thin hair will finally grow out luscious. AND now my gray grows out with it and that is just awful.

Once I lost this battle and one PMS decision to trim at a quick cuts place (bad, bad decision) I thought, I would return. We may not be soul mates, but love the one you are with—hair wise. Alas, she was gone. So I went again compulsively went to Ulta and got in that day. Good cuts, okay color and fair price, but I had to give 3.5 hours for color-not including a cut. I don’t have long or thick hair. I know I have some stubborn gray, but come on. So I bounced back to doing nothing but growing and coloring myself. I indulged twice in what would be called an upscale salon, but felt quite out of my element. Although the color was terrific, my budget couldn’t keep up and I didn’t feel like they listened to what I wanted for my hair.

Once again, I tried another salon with very sweet and careful woman that took pain staking care to cut my hair, meanwhile, I am trimming the uneven parts of my hair and say hello again to my little box of color.  I don’t know why I have found it so difficult to find my hair-stylist soul mate. I think in all the analysis, it really is me, not them. My husband can go to Sports Clips and have  a different stylist each time. Doesn’t always like the results, but no big whoop. He keeps going.

I found a nice how to guide for those of us who aren’t as hair savvy with tips on how to find your hair soul mate.  It is from a couple of years ago, but very helpful if you are oh so tired of looking.






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