Food Photography and Cooking without Limits

So many things to love about this site– The stories, the photography, and yes, the recipes. This is one of the go to places to see and even read about good food photography. I will probably just re-blog because direct access to the photos is a must.

With my foray into food blogging and reading and looking through many-many photo foodsites, I have come to appreciate food photography on a whole new level. Gabriela Sauciuc Lupu is behind the blog, and there is also a link to her Facebook page Gabriela Sauciuc Lupu Photography:

We have all seen those blogs with what I would refer to as the DMV photos of food. Nothing appetizing, and whatever you just read that sounded good, certainly doesn’t look good now. The January 3, 2015 article is excellent: “Make Time for Your Food Photography.” If I were someone who wanted to use photos to illustrate my food, this is a must read along with her other articles: “White Balance in Food Photograph,” and “Depth of field for food photography”

The recipes are appetizing as well. “The Baked Fennel bulb with tomato sauce” sounds delicious but the photo is sumptuous and no nasty cheese glare or oozy toxic sauce.

The writing style is concise, even when story telling like with “Biscuits and flour games.” The story is short and sweet and the recipe is listed and straight forward how to with yummy photos. Even the fish photos from January 10 look good. I mean eyeball glaring-full scaled fish.

I have only been an amateur photographer and worked in the long ago medium of film and dark rooms and black and white. I love looking at photography and this site is no exception: Food illustrated beautifully, narrated in such a clean style and the recipes sound delicious.


What are your thoughts?

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