Peas on Earth


As Southern tradition dictates, my husband and I ate heaps of black-eyed peas New Years day so we would have good luck for 2015. We didn’t stop there, no because a heap of peas must have collard greens and corn bread. My Bronx born husband has embraced this tradition and offered a week earlier to buy and fix our New Year’s day meal.  My 98 year old grandmother asked if  we ate enough to cover all 365 days and then some for bonus because her senior living facility only served enough for half the damn year. I offerd to bring her some but she said at 98, she would take her chances.  Black-eyed peas are one of the few dishes she could really cook.  Most things she opened a can, but not for something as important as Southern tradition and luck. She did the all day and night crock pot with with a hamhock or fatback.  So NO diet should be planned until after the good luck serving. Yes, we included some fatback in the peas and greens.
I do not believe in the luck of the black-eyed peas but I do believe in the tradition of them. I know this world still spins without my dad and it will without my grandmother all too soon. But on the first day of a brand new year, I look back and can be thankful for the past, thankful for the now and how my husband now shares this tradition and thankful for a future and understand it isn’t luck but those who fill our lives.  Love them now and go ahead and have heap of black-eyed peas. They are yummy and are even better when shared with those you love.


What are your thoughts?

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