Holiday Purge

A bout of food poisoning from Thanksgiving has left me seriously anti-food and feeling like a character from Family Guy throwing up, just that awful.  I long to dive into the array of Holiday foods that December brings, but alas, no.


I did learn more about how to take better care when struck. I am only sharing from my experience with the illness and trips to the ER.

  • Fluids down immediately. Start slowly and try ice chips then small sips of water. Once your body can keep it down, drink water or some have recommended Gatorade. IF you are unable to keep liquids down, hospital, especially if your immune system is compromised. Avoid dairy and caffeinated beverages until you are completely better. This one is and was hard because my only caffeine is coffee and that was difficult on everyone.
  • Some over the counter medicines that are also recommended are Imodium A-D or Pepto-Bismol. They are used only if you don’t have a fever and blood in the stool. Some also say to avoid these. I took half doses to ease symptoms.
  • Sometimes, antibiotics will be necessary (husband is on a round). There is bacterial food poisoning especially caused by listeria needs intravenous antibiotics and oral meds for after the hospital.
  • Ease back into eating. The diet is bland, low-fat food and easy to digest, crackers, toast, gelatin, rice. Stop eating if nausea returns. I also started drinking a non-dairy probiotic to help replace good bacteria.
  • Last but not least. Rest. Plenty of rest. I know it is a busy time and you’ll think “I’ve rounded a corner” and jump in. Of course, some people can recover more quickly than others. Listen to your body and give yourself the gift of a full recovery.



What are your thoughts?

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