Mind and Music

Take back Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving nears and black Friday has leached its way onto Thursday, and Christmas decorations have been out for 2 weeks (perhaps more). I am trying to keep focused on Thankfulness amid all the consumerism.


“Today, I am Thankful for….” And I fill in the blank. I must. I practiced this a lot when I was single not so long ago. I spent a good portion of eves and holidays alone or waiting on family or feeling like third, fifth, or eighteenth wheel at other people’s gatherings. But I had friends, family, food and a job. I still have all those things and many do not.

We will each have our very own unique Thanksgivings. They may not match any of what we are told they should look like or eat like and that is perfect. I want to say fulfill a standard that has nothing to do with standards.

I guess then it is hypocritical to castigate someone who wants to shop on Thanksgiving. I mean if that is their thing, then I guess that’s the point.

I don’t know.  Be Blessed.










What are your thoughts?

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