Zelightful Zabar’s

What’s an Arkansas girl to do when she needs kosher food and REAL black and white cookies, or even babka? Until I met my husband, I didn’t have a need for any of these things, but now I do and have found one of my go to sites.


Sad to say, but I never experienced a real black and white cookie until almost 40. Those packaged black and whites at Starbucks are not the real thing. But Zabar’s, it’s for reals. http://www.zabars.com/

Some of you live in populated and diverse areas, so finding this type and quality food is down around the corner. In Northwest Arkansas, not so much. My sister-in-law sent us a snack box from Zabar’s with a mixture of cookies which only lasted a few days in our house. Now, I receive the catalog and enjoy dipping my toe in the proverbial waters of New York.

I can order bagels and bread, Bakery treats,–hello smoked fish which will be fresher by the time it arrives than most seafood that arrives in Arkansas. BUT, if I don’t want food, there is a handy Housewares tab with items for bake-ware, travel and outdoor, knives, cookware, kid’s corner, and more than needs to be listed here.

But wait, there’s more. Not only can I order food and such, there is recipe blog as well. How about Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon Whipped Cream. http://zabars.typepad.com/recipes/

Perhaps someday I will experience Zabar’s and find out if the hype below if true.

“Our Store On Broadway

Zabar’s has to be experienced, in person, to truly be understood. You have to see the crowds, hear the banter of our sales help, smell the croissants baking, admire the rich brown hues of our coffee, sample cheese from every corner of the world, enjoy the beauty of hand sliced nova, walk upstairs and see the largest selection of imported copper cookware anywhere… it really is a one of a kind adventure.”

Until then, When there are such delights as black and white cookies to be had, why not order?






What are your thoughts?

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