Talk Turkey To Me.

Are you feeling a little turkey insecurity? Need to reach out and find turkey support? With the web is full of spaces and places to seek help for the troubled turkey soul, where does one turn for turkey support?turkey_phone

I turned to Butterball. Before the website, they were there manning phone lines for those seeking turkey help. I usually don’t like the corporate sites, and I don’t eat enough turkey to really push Butterball as the best. BUT I do like the how-to turkey site.

Do you need to roast, deep fry, grill, or smoke your turkey? Well, there are sections for each and every one of these choices. And after you have successfully done one or more of these, there is a handy carving section.

Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself. First there are the 4 T’s of food safety: Thaw, Temperature, Two-hour storage, and Three days to eat. The website is user-friendly which I imagine if you are in a turkey panic, then finding clearly labeled advice is necessary.

Need to check for Doneness? Got it here. How to place a meat thermometer? Got that too.

Are you are so frazzled that you need help with conversions:

There are videos as well if you don’t want read, or maybe reading is better. Either way, great site just for the information even you aren’t using a Butterball turkey.



What are your thoughts?

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