Plenty of room at Crowded Earth Kitchen

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves? Are you ready for some no-nonsense how to in cooking, canning, and wellness and leaving things better than you found them? Well, if you are practically bent, then Crowded Earth Kitchen: Promoting Wellness, Preserving Our Planet! is for you.


I just recently hopped on this site and started following, but I love what I have found so far. I was hooked with the recent post: “Six Meals from a $6 Turkey (Part 1 of 4).” Obviously if you are vegan then following the series may not be your niche, but don’t let that prevent you from exploring all the wonderful content, but we’ll get to that.

“Six Meals” is a straight forward of how to cook your turkey and break it down for the upcoming meals and recipes. The focus of this particular post is Turkey Soup and everything is laid out and ordered with photos. The next four posts will make six entrees serving four folks –with leftovers. This particular turkey costs $6 because of a coupon, so the meals are “$1 a night for a family or 25 cents per person.”

SO if you aren’t up for following turkey recipes then you should venture to the recent European Food Tour July-October 2014 posts. I haven’t read through all of these. I got stuck on admiring the photographs and then just drooling over “Belgian Chocolate… Sigh.”

Crowded Earth celebrates food traditions “that are central to every culture across humanity.” AND is the source for “exploring food experiences which are gently on the earth and promote wellness is three important ways. First, healthy foods which nurture our physical wellness will be prominently featured here. Second, budget-conscious kitchen habits which promote financial wellness will be shared. Third, indulgent recipes will be occasionally offered, but only if they are alive with beautiful stories which promote the cultural wellness of our Crowded Earth”

Two women author this site: Betsy: Chemist, PhD educator, and mom. Cathy Ellen is an author and food traveler.

There is much to explore and learn on this site. I really enjoyed browsing the Canning. This is a step by step how to with very clear pictures on the Canning 101. Then you have “13 Thoughts on Canning” which goes into details on Grapefruit Pomegranate Sunrise Jam, Dandelion Honey, and Spiced Fruit Cocktail.

Last but certainly not least is Global Recipe Project! Which sounds exactly what is. A collection of recipes from countries with the goal of one book to benefit world hunger. They are still collecting, and the only thing I longed for is being able to see some of them.

Crowded Earth Kitchen is crowded with lots of great recipes, ideas, and information, but there is room to explore.


What are your thoughts?

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